Not only aches and pains


Many of our patients come to see us, to get help with various aches and pains. However our treatments aim at improving health in general. We are good at improving relaxation and lessening pain, but we can do more than that...




Making little one feels more comfortable


Children of any age respond very well to osteopathic treatment. When their small bodies struggle to get comfortable this can often be due to a variety of occurrences.

We will aim to resolve those muscle strains with gentle techniques. Please ring us to discuss if we may be able to help make your child feel more comfortable.



Osteopathic support during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a unique, powerful and demanding phase of a woman’s life.  Her body changes rapidly and must adapt to hormonal, postural and circulatory changes. Some women may find that this adaptation is not as easy as it should be. Sometimes this is due to previous injuries or excessive demands elsewhere in her life. As many as 2 in 3 women may experience back pain during pregnancy and may also experience one or more of the common discomforts during pregnancy.

We will carry out a thorough case history and examination and refer you to your midwife or doctor, should you require medical attention. 

Osteopathic treatment is gentle and aims to help her body adapt to the changes more readily. Treatment is usually very relaxing and enjoyable.

Preparation for birth

We assess all the areas in the body that need to function well for labour and birth to happen uninterruptedly. If a woman’s spine and pelvis are mobile and all relevant muscles relaxed, then the child can find its way through the birth canal optimally. Treatment aims to prepare the body for the labour process. We can also advise on exercise and stretching techniques where appropriate and strategies and postures to help cope with labour pains.



Postnatal care

We aim to treat mothers and babies together in our clinic. Understanding how each individual birth process took place helps us in devising a personalised treatment plan for both. Postnatal treatment is recommended to help the body return to the pre-pregnant state, treat any residual trauma from the birth and avoid possible and unnecessary complications in later pregnancies.

Treatment helps with muscle soreness due to feeding positions and we will advise you how to support yourself optimally. Other postnatal problems such as headaches, coccyx pain and pelvic pains generally respond very well to osteopathic treatment.

Balancing tensions in the body will aid relaxation, which in turn helps with increasing confidence and boost vitality helping the new mum enjoy her new baby and this very special time in their lives.

We have got a new team member: Physiokey


Physiokey is the new generation Scenar machine

Scenar treatment stimulates the body's own healing mechanism. It emits an electromagnetic signal which is almost identical to a human nerve signal. The signal travels along special types of nerve fibres to the brain, which results in the production of neuropeptides which rapidly advance healing.

It is operated by placing the electrode directly on the skin, where it collects electromagnetic signals, which are read and modified and sent back to the body. This biofeedback makes the therapy truly individual.

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