Osteopathy focuses on restoring and maintaining the body’s ability to function harmoniously as a complete unit.  Every cell in the body must receive adequate nutrition and be able to drain away waste products; the body uses its blood and lymph channels to achieve this complex supply chain. Muscles and bones can hinder as well as help in this process, but when the body’s muscles and bones are well aligned the body functions in its normal natural state.


Sometimes the body can be misaligned or disturbed for a variety of reasons; the most common causes being due to an accident, ill-health, bad posture or through habit. Osteopaths aim to find out which parts of the body may be disturbed and help with gentle manual techniques to restore alignment and enable the body to function optimally.



At Family Osteopathy we specialise in these very gentle techniques. Our practitioners have all trained for many years to develop a precise sense of touch (called palpation) and can feel with minimal pressure any imbalances in the tissues of the body (both at skin level as well as much deeper at the level of an organ.)