Osteopathy for the whole family!

Osteopathy is a system of holistic healthcare that focuses on restoring and maintaining the harmonious function of all elements of the body. It is necessary for every cell in the body to receive adequate nutrition and drain all waste products well. The body uses blood and lymph channels in order to achieve this complex supply chain. Muscles and bones can be helping or hindering in this process. When the musculo skeletal aspects of the body are well aligned, it tends to function very well.

Sometimes this alignment can be disturbed due to accidents, illness, bad posture or habits. Osteopaths aim to find out which parts of the body may be disturbed and help with gentle manual techniques to restore optimal alignment and therefore enable the body to function optimally.


At Family Osteopathy we specialise in very gentle techniques. We have all trained for many years to develop a fine sense of touch (palpation) and can feel with minimal pressure for imbalances in the tissues of the body.